EXCLUSIVE:  I'm About To Hand Over to You the Complete Blueprint & Tools To....

"Earn Huge LOOTS of Cash Using the Most

Profitable Secret System in Affiliate Marketing... REVEALED!!  Follow Step-by-Step Coaching

of an Internet Marketing Guru that Spills

the Beans for You to Profit"




This is your chance to FINALLY break free from all those 'make money online' ebooks that you've spent countless money on only to get very little or nothing at all out of.   

What if I told you that I'm going to give you a complete blueprint on how to make a LOOT full of cash consistently everyday, plus give you all the same tools and resources that I use to make HUNDREDS of DOLLARS a day in PURE PROFIT!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock the last 8 months than you have surely heard the buzz about CPA networks and marketing.   If you've never heard of it, don't worry (I'll explain shortly)...

If you're already making money with CPA offers, I'll show you how to skyrocket your earnings to the next level with secret strategies I'm sure of that you've never heard of before....


I'm Going to Hand You Over EVERYTHING You Need to Succeed


This is not just another "how to" guide on making money online.  Although everything is documented step-by-step, this program is MUCH more than that! 


There's no mystery behind what techniques I'm going to show you on how to make money online.  (It's through CPA Networks and Marketing).  You don't need to sell anything, design a website, or spend a bunch of money on ads. 




With CPA marketing, just the three days above averaged me $785+ per day!   You see, the possibilities are endless with the techniques, tools, and resources I am going to hand you over!  And this is only 1 of my CPA network accounts!!!


I'm showing you these screenshots of my accounts not to brag or boast, but to show you that you really can make GREAT money online, but you need the proper techniques, tools, and resources.


What the Heck is CPA You Might Ask?


Basically, it stands for cost per action, which means that I get companies and advertisers to pay me lots of cash for sending them clicks, leads, or sales to their site.  Simply put, it's the EASIEST way to make money online nowadays, and my proof of income definitely backs up that claim.  And YOU can take advantage and get a BIG piece of this action! 


Here’s my story...

I’m a very laid back and straight shooter kind of guy now working for myself making money online full time.  I'm not a sweet talking salesman, I let my secret marketing techniques do all the "talking" that I'm willing to share with you as I'm sure I was once in your shoes.   I’m finally at the point where I quit my day job and making money with Internet Marketing full time.   AND, not even working 40 hours a week anymore.  :-)

I've been involved with Internet Marketing for over 6 years now and I've definitely "tried it all".  I've made a lot of money as an affiliate promoting Clickbank products, selling things on eBay through wholesalers and dropshipping, and a little bit with Google Adsense while exploring and researching hundreds of different niches.

What I have found in the last 3 years is that NOTHING compares to making money with CPA Networks!  

All you need to know about me is that I have learned "the secrets" to making hundreds of thousands of dollars online using CPA marketing.  (See my screenshots of all my different CPA accounts for proof)



I’ve been making a small fortune online over the last 3 years marketing real products and services for large fortune 500 companies and even smaller 'mom and pop' type shops that you've probably never heard of, but pay BIG. 



You'll NEVER Need to Read and Burn Your Money On Another Dreaded eBook Again


As you may have already found out the problem with ebooks is that the author of the ebook really only makes their money by selling the product and hardly anything with the 'secret' formula they write about. Over 90% of the ebooks teach the same thing over and over again and you learn nothing new.

You've probably bought other ebooks and do they really give all the tools and recourses to implement the techniques? Or just point you there or link you there to other websites?

Most likely, (the ones I've read anyway - which have been PLENTY) they tell you to do this and do that, but at the end of the ebook I'd always be scratching my head where do I begin or how do I get started or if it's even worth my time and effort to make a few bucks using their methods?


There is no other website besides this one that will hand you over all the TOOLS that you need to succeed at sucking thousands of dollars out online in a short time


There are endless amounts of websites that all you get is an outdated ebook when you sign up and 98% of the people that sign up NEVER make a dime.  It's not that the information isn't any good, but the Internet is a constantly changing everyday and these techniques that are explained get outdated or oversaturated with too many people applying the strategies.



Folks, this is a complete CPA Blueprint documented step by step from beginning steps to advanced strategies.

Unfortunately, you can't really fully understand what is on the inside until you purchase. The sales page  is relatively vague about what is inside compared to some other offers. The good news is that I was reassured that what is on the inside is well worth the investment.

It has Newbies, Intermediate and Advanced  sections with

real campaign case studies.

I had bought CPA programs before but never took action with any. This program affected me differently; I felt confident that I could do this and that it would work. Within 24 hrs I got approval from a CPA network and within 48 hours I had executed one of the strategies. No sweat.

This program is well worth the cost, you'll get a lot more value than what you paid for it. I have purchased step by step blue prints before but this one tops them all. I actually felt like I was being hand held lol.

If you're one who has spent tons of money buying course after course, you'll kick yourself because everything you've ever needed to know about making money online, and CPA, is here under one roof --

The course is comprehensive and includes several easy to implement strategies , that is not overwhelming, but it is organized in a way that is easy to navigate and understand. Unlike other "guru" products, it is very professionally done, and you can rest assured you'll get your money's worth.

The bottom line is that if you invest in this program I dont think you'll be disappointed. This is a very well put together product that is a great value.


Jerome G. Sherman


Nassau, Bahamas



The Naked Truth About CPA Marketing



CPA stands for (cost-per-action).  With CPA marketing, I'm able to search through thousands upon thousands of offers from all kinds of influential companies in hundreds of niches which makes it easy to find one to promote and cash in big. 


It's MASSIVELY profitable because it doesn't require the user to purchase anything for me to make an average of $30+ per lead!


Maybe you have tried to get approved at the networks before?  Only to find out you were denied?

If you haven't entered into the realm of the CPA marketing yet, NOW is the time.  You will quickly find out how to rise to the top as a super affiliate for some of the top CPA networks out there.  It's a HECK of a lot easier making money by getting leads where your users don't have to by anything VS. trying to sell the user product through Clickbank and just making a commission.


That's Why I Made the Switch from CLICKBANK to CPA Networks!


Of course, you need to understand how to learn these secret techniques on how to start marketing these CPA offers, but once you learn my strategies, you can literally apply these methods to almost any CPA offer in any niche. 


Rinse and Repeat....  AND you'll earn yourself a FORTUNE online just like myself...



How Easy Is It To Make Money with CPA Marketing?



It's VERY easy... That is if you have the right information and tools.  I've outlined for you how simple and straightforward it is to make money by promoting different offers.  Just follow the 3 step process I've laid out for you all in a detailed blueprint you can copy and profit yourself...







Look at this CPA campaign example below.  This advertiser will pay me $2.60 for anyone that submits their zip code on their website that I refer.


This particular offer is for an auto insurance company and I don't care if the user signs up to get insurance because I get $2.60 for the user just entering their zip code on the first page below:

Once the user enters their zip code, I don't care what happens and if the user bails at that point and doesn't get insurance, I still get my $2.60.  Add this up a couple hundred times per day and you've earned yourself a nice little profitable campaign.  That's the power of CPA marketing and you can see why it's RED HOT! 

How many other ways can you make over $2.60 for someone entering 5 digits on a website and clicking the "Submit" button?  With Google Adsense you are lucky to make 10 cents for someone clicking on an ad on your website. 

I'll even show you how to get more than the standard payouts from the CPA networks.

CPA Offers Are Proven, Tested By Me And Convert Like Gangbusters Which You Can Make A Fortune

As I said once before, with CPA marketing you don't have to 'sell' anything and only get a commission if you sell the product.  I make a LOOT of cash 4 LEADS everyday and that's why I created Loot4Leads.com, to not only show you how to copy my success, but to give you the exact tools and resources you need to be successful and profitable. 

I've made some great money with Clickbank, but CPA networks are like ClickBank on STEROIDS!

With CPA networks you can send traffic on the offers (following my techniques)  and get paid for:

zip codes (as pictured above)

email only

name and email

The day where you only earn a commission from selling a product are FINALLY over!

AND..... when you're a member, the information will NEVER get outdated, as I continue to provide you with profitable campaigns that I use everyday to make money.  I do all the testing and burn all the money to find the ones that are profitable in CPA marketing.


Just Copy My EXACT Campaigns & Profit For Yourself.....



With your membership to Loot4Leads.com, you can literally copy my success in CPA marketing and follow along with hundreds of other successful members that are happy to help you out now! 



Your membership to Loot4Leads.com is EXCLUSIVE, WITHOUT  the monthly or yearly membership cost! 



Since I've been making money online consistently since 2002, I have tested and tried hundreds of different techniques to make money and know what works and what doesn't.  You're going to get all the coaching in CPA marketing and networks you need with no HUGE investment or monthly fees!

To succeed at making money online, you need to fail and learn from your mistakes.  Lucky for you, I've already spent and burned away thousands upon thousands of dollars failing at trying to make money online, and all you need to do is copy my successful campaigns.


Put Your Campaigns On AutoPilot

The best CPA campaigns I like the most are the ones where I can "SET and FORGET" which run completely on AUTOPILOT.  I only need to set them up once using my secret strategies and it makes me money every single day without me having to do ANYTHING!


Here's the Day Before....


And then the Day Before, Again $200+ per Day...


How About $250+ the next Day?

I think you get the idea....

The best part is, I'm only utilizing this secret technique that I've shown above making me $200+ per day in only TWO niches.  The possibilities to copy this strategy are ENDLESS if I wanted to expand into hundreds or even thousands of niches!  You can literally follow this one secret strategy I'm using in only two niches and COPY it in hundreds of other niches TONIGHT and see money in your CPA network account tomorrow morning!

Many of you reading this may have already struggled to make money online, spent a ton of money on PPC and failed.  Some of you may already be intermediate to advanced online marketers and earning money consistently each month (Which is great!)

Whichever case is yours, your membership to Loot4Leads.com is for anyone who is a complete Newbie to an Advanced Internet Marketers making money everyday. 

I was once a newbie at trying and struggling to make money online and I know exactly how to show the complete newbie step by step how to make it big. 

Even for the advanced 'gurus' making money everyday, this membership will also benefit you.  Why?  It's simple because I know that some of my techniques that I use to make money online are probably new to you and by adding them to your campaigns, you can increase your profits even further. 

Furthermore, I constantly add new profitable campaigns for Loot4Leads.com members so I'm doing all the leg work for you every month.  Finally, you have the opportunity to get all the tools that I use which can save your hundreds or thousands of dollars on things you might outsource right now. 



Just One Offer Rakes In $2,000+ per Month



As this offer pays $20 per lead without having to sell anything makes this one very lucrative!  With an EPC of $0.84, it means that I make $0.84 for every visitor I send to this offer.  Try getting that kind of money with Adsense! 


The Problem With Other "How To" CPA Sites


Have you ever come across another website or special report that offers to teach you about CPA methods and how to have success with them?  Well 90% of the time they are all the same techniques and recycled material just using a different domain name, graphics, and sales copy.



With your membership to Loot4Leads.com, you're getting a unique hand written complete step-by-step CPA blueprint course, put together all the tools and resources you need, and constantly update the members area with fresh content consistently. 

CPA networks come out with new offers you can promote each week and I'm on top of all of them to tell you which ones work and which ones will break the bank.

I do all the hard work, research, and spend money promoting various new offers that come out so you don't have to.  Just cherry pick the ones that work and you'll be cashing checks from CPA networks in no time!


Dimitri Richko













This is a very well written complete program as it covers everything you need to know

from start to finish and to begin earning money with CPA offers in just hours.

All the methods and techniques are perfectly described with detailed instructions and screenshots of how to copy the step-by-step process.

The mastermind behind this program (Deez) shows his real campaigns, his tricks, websites, everything you need to follow his success..

I recommend this program to anyone that wants to take the next step and earn real money with CPA networks.

Great program!



Some Mistakes I've Made That You Don't Have To:

1. Incorrect Starting Point - When you dive in trying to make money online, you will find countless websites advertising 'get rich quick' which all these fancy pictures of their big houses, cars, etc.  All these 'gurus' are only getting rich from you purchasing those useless ebooks that you may have already fallen for and gotten burned once or more times before.  I've been there and done that.

2. Not Knowing Where to Begin - I've read dozens of ebooks on how to make money online but didn't get a clear direction on where to begin?  Should I start with PPC, try to setup a and design a website, post ads on Craigslist?  I didn't know where to begin because most sites don't give you a direct step-by-step blueprint or tools and resources on how to get started.

3. Giving Up Too Early - Once I thought I had an idea or tried to follow some of the techniques I've learned, I would setup my campaigns only to see them bomb!  Some of the biggest failure campaigns that I've done only turned into the most profitable ones later on as all I needed to do was 'tweak' a few things and let it run a little longer and the rest is history...



Start Making Money Tonight....


You don't need the following to make money with my 'secret' system

  • A Product

  • A Website

  • A Customer email list

  • An Adwords, Yahoo, or other pay per click account

  • A Large traffic budget

I know that you don't want to spend money on advertising because maybe it's too complicated for you right now, or it's just not in your budget.  That's perfectly fine because I'm developing many of my methods around FREE traffic so your profit is always 100% going this route!


You see, in this tough economy it's harder for individuals like yourself to make money in general let alone online.  And trying to sell a product or service to someone is getting slimmer since everyone is looking to save as much money as they can.  That's why I turned my complete focus on CPA Networks and Marketing. 


There is nothing more RED HOT than CPA Networks and Marketing.  Earning leads is A LOT easier than trying to sell a product as an affiliate and make a commission.  I know because I've already been down both roads before and steered clear with full focus on CPA Networks and Marketing.



So What Are You Getting with Loot4Leads.com?



Over 50 Chapters of a Rock Solid Step-by-Step Blueprint, Secrets, Tricks & More from Newbie Stuff to Advanced Techniques that Make Me a Fortune Everyday!



-It's a complete boot camp with a step-by-step blueprint for the newbie

-It's advanced techniques for the intermediate online marketer looking to boost their revenue

-I'm not going to give you a downloadable ebook and your on your own.  I'm going to give you access to a solid blueprint (always freshly updated) on how you can follow my secret techniques step-by-step to make money online. 

-It doesn't just end there as that's only the beginning.  You will get access to all the tools you need to be successful because let's face it, you can't start making money online without any necessary tools or resources. 

.  The information that you can learn here is priceless where you can't get anywhere else.  And I'm there frequently to help you out...





Katie Rich


United Kingdom





Amazing!! There is so much information in Loot 4 Leads that I made a coffee, turned off the TV and read it thoroughly.

Informative, helpful and with step by step descriptions, Loot 4 Leads will have you making your first $ online in no time.


I have been around Internet Marketing for a while and thought I knew a lot but this is all brand new and totally awesome!!

Love it!!




Bill Edwards








I have been doing internet marketing for

over two years and have purchased quite a few guides on "How to make money online". Even some "black hat methods". Some have been helpful, most have been fluff and filler. Loot4Leads has it all! A complete, step-by-step blueprint, that anyone can use to make money on the 'Net.

If anyone wants to make a living on the net I highly recommend starting with this, and using Loot4Leads as the perfect guide. You can't go wrong. From raw newbie to veteran marketers the membership is well worth it.




Cyndie King








This is one of the most comprehensive guides on CPA marketing that I have seen. This guide is for everyone from the newbie to the advanced.


Follow step-by-step procedures beginning with how to sign up to actual case studies for the most advanced marketer.


Prior to seeing this guide, I have dabbled a little bit in CPA marketing without much success. After reading this guide I am very confident that I will be successful in my CPA endeavors.



Matthew Iannotti


New York




I was shocked to actually find a site that gave me the education I needed to succeed in CPA marketing!!


Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned marketer this site is for you!


You won't find a more detailed blueprint for success anywhere. Thanks again Loot4leads!!





Susan Velez


North Carolina




I have been reading just part of the information about Loot 4 Leads and I am blown away at how you are making money.

It sounds simple and am getting ready to implement some of your techniques.


I know that when I follow exactly what you

say to do I will see an increase in my income.

Everything that you have laid out is

extremely simple to follow that anyone who

is willing to do the work will notice an increase in their income.

Thanks Again!



Karen Krueger



























I just joined your membership, and I'm

already implementing the steps you have outlined. I have been in Internet Marketing about two years. I have made my own information products, and I understand marketing.


I could list all the CPA systems I have tried over the past 18 months, but it would take

too much of your time reading them all.

This is by far the best system I have seen. Your honest upfront approach is amazing.

The Introduction has more information in it, than I have read in any other of the CPA systems I have tried. You show people how

to get started right away.

No black hat, gray hat, mumbo jumbo, build this, and build that.

You lay it out straight and simple. I even have a much better understanding about keyword research now...and your Google secret is amazing! And I love the templates! And...

I'm so excited and feel so blessed, I can't begin to tell you! I'm really torn about whether or not to tell anyone about this...and I am so glad to see you are limiting the membership (wink).


To all of our success...
Karen Krueger



The Time is NOW to Make Money with CPA Networks

With so many CPA Networks out there making many successful online marketers (soon to be you) money everyday, it's a growing phenomenon on making money through CPA networks is only to get bigger. 

You will get your own dedicated Affiliate Manager with each CPA network you sign up to that will help you reach your money making goals.  Each CPA Network has their own Affiliate Manager to help new affiliates make money and they will do everything they can to help you because they make more money when you do.  So it's a WIN-WIN situation.



Make Even More Money On Top of Money Earned!!!


With each CPA network you join (I show you only the best ones), they have all kinds of perks and rewards you can get just by making money with their offers.  I've been able to get cool $100 gift cards each month for reaching certain revenue.   

Some even put on big contests like a major CPA Network did (Azoogle) about throwing an all expense paid for party in L.A.  And yes, I along with 25 other lucky affiliates will be attending the party for being one of the winners.  If you don't believe me, I will give you my Affiliate Manager's contact info at Azoogle and she will be happy to tell you I am one of the lucky winners!

You won't find any other program or affiliate program that you sign up to that will give you a dedicated Affiliate Manager to help you succeed other than in CPA marketing.  The benefits of making money with CPA Networks are unlimited because there are so many networks competing against one another and each company knows CPA marketing is the way of the future for advertisers.  That's great news for you and I.... 


So Why Would I Give Away This Secret Information?

I'm sure you've been wondering by now why I would give away all this valuable information and the secrets to making hundreds and thousands of dollars per day through CPA Networks and Marketing.

Well I'm not going to lie, but I will make some money by selling this membership to select individuals (if the "Join Now" button is still available below).  Although I have put in a heck of a lot of effort, time, and resources to get you everything you need to start making money RIGHT AWAY!

However, the REAL reason is that for each CPA Network that you join under myself as your mentor, I will earn a percentage of the revenue that you do.  So it's in my best interest to provide all my secrets, techniques, strategies, and dedicate my time and help you succeed like myself because when you earn money through CPA Networks, so will I....  It's another WIN-WIN situation for both of us! 


2010 Update:



The Loot4Leads Membership Features (Just a Few to List....)


Complete BluePrint on How to Make Money Online with CPA Marketing Step-by-Step
The Best CPA Networks to Use & How to ALWAYS Get Approved 100% of the Time!
All the Tools I Use to Be Successful to Copy & Expand on My Profitable Campaigns
Tons of Ready to Use Landing Pages In Red Hot Niches (Just Plug-in Your Affiliate ID)
Access to the ONLY CPA Member Community Where Newbies are becoming CPA Gurus!
Always Updated, Never Outdated Content Within the Members Area (NO MONTHLY FEES!)




Learn the Same Traffic Strategies I Use to Send Server Crushing Traffic to Any Website I Choose



A little preview of what to except from this free bonus!


bullet I will show you my best strategies to driving traffic to any site without breaking the bank!
Show you every tactic used by marketers to get much needed traffic, I will also teach you about Auto Article Marketing. (never seen information)
My foolproof method to getting crazy traffic to all your sites....
How to keep the traffic coming in, way after you launch your product or website, you don’t want traffic to stop after the initial launch you want long term customers.
All the software that I use to wreak havoc on the search engines on pure autopilot!
And of course there's a lot MORE...


Value: $37, But Yours FREE with membership!







If Everything Sounds Great, You're Ready to Take the Next Step Towards Profitability

I wanted to offer something different than the rest of the 'make money online' websites, but didn't want to increase the price in doing so.  I could easily charge a monthly or even yearly fee for all this content or a one big lump sum up front.  Membership sites always have a monthly or yearly fee that you have to continue to pay or your membership will be canceled.

So I thought it all over long and hard, and decided to offer a complete VIP membership site WITHOUT the membership price tag.  That's right, NO monthly fees!

I also decided to throw out the big lump sum price point!  I could easily charge $597 for all the content, tools, resources, etc.

I'm so confident that you will benefit from my complete membership, that I'm going to let you try out and get FULL access to all my exclusive content for just 7 BUCKS!



Before I change my mind, I'm offering this complete EXCLUSIVE membership with NO Monthly fees to Loot4Leads.com that comes with everything I've mentioned above for only $147 $7 SPECIAL (trial fee, BUT you get the monthly membership benefits)!  Your membership never ends and there are never any monthly fees, but you will always get new and fresh content delivered to you each month.  Try it out for 7 days and then pay just $60 more if you're satisfied.




I've spent years perfecting this system.
I am 100% confident that this will
earn you money following my techniques!

I'm taking the risk on this one, if your not totally satisfied with
everything that Loot4Leads.com has to offer simply send me an email with your receipt within 60 days and I will give a FULL refund!

You Have Nothing to Lose!



I Caution You!


Furthermore, the doors will soon be closed on this fantastic offer for good as it helps maintain a successful and VIP community where the real money makers reside....  

If You're Sick of All the Garbage eBooks and Ready to Take Action, Now is the Time to Earn Big!

Don't just take my word for it, see what others are saying that have taken action after reading my blueprint.

Remember, You Have Absolutely NOTHING to Lose and EVERYTHING to Gain!

Get 60% OFF Your Membership and try for just $7 BUCKS! 




To Your Massive Success & See You Inside,






P.S.  You can literally setup your campaigns tonight and make money in your account tomorrow morning.  It's that easy as you'll soon have everything you need to succeed....







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